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Keyboard shortcuts

EP is keyboard oriented, for example, when adding a transaction, if you are familiar with your keyboard shortcuts for HTML form, you can utilise them to rapidly adding transaction in EP:

  • By default EP will focus on the amount field in the new transaction form
  • Enter the amount and hit tab to move to the tag field
  • Enter the parial keyword for tags, payee and accounts, for example, type 'uncl' for uncleared and hit enter
  • Hit tab and type the category name, hit enter
  • Hit Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter to save
If you are not tracking payees, tags and accounts, you can do it even faster with:
  • Enter the amount and hit tab twice to go to the category field
  • Enter the category name, hit enter and hit Shift/Ctrl+Enter to save.

You will find most of the form keyboard shortcuts works fine in EP.

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