Topic - Managing reimbursement

Managing reimbursement

Creating a claimable transaction

To create a transaction that you want to claim later, simply enter a transaction as usual, only 1 little difference: you tag it as Claimable. This magic tag will basically tells EP to keep track of this claim. For now, your spending will take this transaction because the money has not been returned yet, so you are covering it for now.

Viewing claimable transactions

Once created, a claimable transaction will show up with claimable tag on it, which you can see everywhere the transaction is listed.

Also, in your recent transaction you will see a new link saying that you have a claimable amount for your transactions. Which you can click to see all claimable transactions. Along with that, your transaction will also show how much you have to claim for each transaction. Once the transaction is fully claimed, it will be shown as "Claimed".

Claiming a transaction

To claim a transaction, click the transaction entry and select 'Claim'. You'll be asked for the amount returned, simply click save and the amount will be updated.

Seeing claimables through your budget

As said earlier, covering spending of someone else will impact your budget, and EP shows this to you in a clear manner.

From the example above, you can see that the spending column for Groceries category has been tagged with claimable transaction, in this scenario, 4.00 is claimable out of the total 26.00 of your spending, and your balance is showing 224. What happen when you claim it fully?
Now, your amount spend is unchanged, but it shows that you have claimed 4.00 out of 26. And as you can see, your balance has been increased back to the state when you haven't made the claimable transaction, which is 228.

Claiming all transactions

Your recent transactions will show you the summary of claimable transactions if there is any, in some scenario, it's useful to have a claim all functionality which basically will update claim amount for all transaction to the exact amount. You can access this by clicking the link of claimable transactions and click Claim all.

Ignoring some claims

There will come a time, where you can't claim a certain transaction, or maybe only half of it. EP will keep bothering you on your recent transaction panel that you have claimable transactions. To ignore this, simply click the transaction and select ignore, alternatively, you can also click the list of claiable transactions and choose 'Ignore all'.

Non complete and excess claims

When you have claimable transaction, there are 3 things that might have happened:
  • You get a full return
  • You get partial return
  • You get excess return
Everything's perfect when you have full return. When you get a partial return, it's okay if you are still waiting for the next return, since the person borrowing your money might need to partially return it multiple times, in such case, you can update the claim amount as many as you want. When the partial return end just there, that means the remaining claimable is for you to cover. You can then choose to ignore the claimable transaction so it won't be shown in the recent transaction reminder. But still, they will be calculated as per how a normal claimable transaction behave. WHen you get excess in return, say that someone borrows you $10 and he returned $12 for whatever reason, you will need to enter the extra $2 separately as income.