Topic - Multiple Books

What is a book

What is a book

Book in EP basically what holds your transaction, categories, tags, payees, accounts, and everything else together. When you register in EP, it gave you a default book called 'Personal', which you can use to manage your personal finance.

Why would I want more than 1 book

There are many times where you might want a separate book. Such as:

  • You are having an acitivity with friends, with combined funds, and you want to manage the budget for it, as well as show it to your friends without having to reveal your personal finance book
  • You are running a small business and want to separate it completely from your personal finance activity
  • You are handling someone else's finance and want to separate it from your personal book.

Book is also useful when you want to experiment with your funds, mimicking the data from your personal book to see different type of use cases and scenario, without harming your personal book.