Topic - Balance adjustment

What is an adjustment

What is balance adjustment?

Balance adjustment is a type of transaction you use to make sure your EP balance matches your actual balance. As you might now, since EP encourages manual entry, your EP and actual balance might not match at some point, be it from missing transactions or extra fees during transaction that has not been counted in EP.

When talking about actual balance, EP doesn't enforce the usage of account (savings, current, credit card, etc), so we always refer to your total balance in all of your actual account.

Should I need to adjust my balance

Yes! you definitely should adjust your balance every now and then. Some of us do it every weekend. It's not a long process after all, just check your account balance through online banking and sum them up in the adjust balance dialog and you're all set.

Adjusting balance is very important because it keeps your budget accurate, and with that, you can trust your numbers in EP will always match your actual numbers. In fact, in your home page, EP will show you when was the last time you are making an adjustment.