Simplicity + Flexibility = EP

EP emphasize on simplicity to make sure it doesn't get in your way while at the same time offers you enough flexibility through its powerful features to make sure it can fit your needs. Check out the features below to know what EP can do for you. Also, check out our guide page to see how you can utilise them to their full potential. Alternatively, see how EP is compared to others.

Transaction tracking

Never lose a transaction, EP is designed to make sure you can enter them effortlessly.

Advance budgeting

Budgeting in EP is simply a bliss, with a single and multi-month view, as well as other budgeting features.

Powerful search and reports

Search your transactions to the lowest level with various combinations of criteria, and generate insightful reports from it.

Keep track on important events

Bookmark a transaction, take note of budget changes, see your budget amount history, and much more.

Track budget changes

It's always frustrating when trying to remember what has been changed in your budget, you have enough things to do. EP helps you to keep track of all these changes – and even make notes for them!.

Scheduled & recurring transactions

What's more annoying than bills? Forgetting to pay them! Thankfully, EP has powerful scheduled transaction feature to make sure you'll never miss them anymore.

Manage reimbursement

It has never been easier. Now you can track claims, see unclaimed transactions, cover spending, and much more.

Keep track of balance difference

With EP's balance adjustment feature, you can keep track of your adjustment frequency, budget for the balance difference and even see how it impacts your budget.

Budgeting for future

EP is included with many "magical" feature, such as being able to balance for next month easily. No need to mess up with your budget categories.

Balance transfer

It's super simple to do balance transfer between accounts in EP. Now you can keep track where the money is going.

Off-budget transactions and accounts

Track off-budget transactions and accounts easily, no longer you have to manage them separately.

Customisable overspending calculation

Don't like the default behavior of negative balance? EP offers multiple types of overspending calculation for you budget to fit your needs.

Fast and intuitive

EP is keyboard-centric, that means you can use your keyboarding skills to utilise them fully, it also has calculators and smart copy-paste if you want to track right from your online banking site.